quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

Life attempt

Let´s hide ourselves away
and lock our will a thousand miles
maybe then we could forget our way
and find a path for fake smiles

Let´s play someone else´s role
and search for some pleasure under another skin
maybe then we could deceive other´s looks
and find courage where shame begins

Let´s get together with regular people
with the same plastic souls
maybe we will get the world better
maybe our lies would come true

Let´s live pretending happiness
and ignore our miserable lives
it´s meaningless to remember our fears
because without happiness we just can not die

Imagem: Dave Kinsey

4 comentários:

  1. I liked, hehehe

    BTW the cheesecake was huge!!!! Not just big =p

  2. opa, agora em inglês!
    muito chique...gostei desse
    me lembrou de 'fake plastic trees'. ;)

  3. Obrigado meninas,

    Adoro Radiohead, talvez tenha algum fundo de Fake Plastic Trees mesmo nesse aqui, advindo de algum lugar do meu subconsciente...

    Que bom que gostaram! Atrasarei meu próximo post por conta de trabalho... mais uma vez.